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Calvin Ogwang Ocorocan

Calvin Ogwang Ocorocan


About Calvin Ogwang Ocorocan

Mr.Calvin Ogwang Ocorocan is well equipped with strong managerial proficiency in a relatively senior position at local, national with adequate international knowledge. He is greatly acquainted with local, regional and geopolitical dealings. He is able to design and implement sophisticated plans without deviating from original set goals. He is self driven with enormous confidence to deliver as anticipated. He sets attainable goals and targets and leads by example to achieve them. Calvin employs collaborative approach with good interpersonal skills to engage, motivate and encourage others through realistic modifications. Highly motivated and focused with consistent traceable evidence of successes. He is a person with untainted records in managing resources having led a national anti-corruption campaign for seven years in collaboration with Uganda’s Inspectorate of Government (IGG) and six major universities in Uganda. He is a friendly person with compassionate attitude and highly cognizant of human rights issues. He pays attention to details with necessary impartiality. He is a sensible law abiding person who is conscious of community economic, social and political diversity. He is a professional Social Worker, Administrator, Researcher, Human Rights Advocate, Language Translator, Program Moderator, Facilitator and Analyst.

Calvin is prepared to continue his admirable career in a suitable positions and assignments relevant to his outstanding knowledge and expertise.


+256 393 249 731
+256 702 647 989

Education Background

Institution Duration Award
Makerere University Kampala (MUK) 2006-2009 Bachelors of Social Work and Social Administration (SWSA)
Sir Apollo Kaggwa S.S Mukono 2004-2005 Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education UACE
Amuca SDA College Lira 1998-2001 Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE)

Other Trainings

1. 2020 – Good Clinical Practice (GCP)

2. 2018 – Treatment of Human research subjects (THRS)

Professional Skills

1. Excellent Leadership skills.

2. Excellent analytical skills.

3. Excellent skills in working with people with special needs.

4. Conflict resolutions skills at every stage.

5. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

6. Community Mobilization Skills.

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