AGRA Project

In December 2017, Chrisbert (U) Ltd. was hired by the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa [AGRA] to do an end of Project Evaluation about the processes and impact of a Ph.D. program in Applied Agricultural Economics and Policy implemented by the University of Ghana, Legon and a Master of Science in Applied Agricultural Economics at the University of Ouagadougou I. The Programs were funded by Bill and Merinda Gates Foundation and IDRC through AGRA.  The project was executed in a period of 5 years and had purposed to train 20 PhD students and 120 MSC students from mainly Francophone countries of especially West Africa.  The goal of the PhD Program was to build Sub-Saharan Africa’s [SSA] competencies in conducting policy relevant research in agriculture, food systems and the rural economy including such associated concerns as gender disparities, environment and natural resources management. That of the MSc. program was to enhance the environment for making sound agricultural policy decisions in order to improve food security, ensure agricultural productivity growth, encourage sustainable environmental management and reduce poverty in SSA. Our company was contracted to assess the achievements made by the program in fulfilling its agreed objectives through the planned activities and its relevance to the community; and determine the efficiency and effectiveness with which resources were used to generate results and achieve project objectives. The evaluation also studied signs of potential impact of project activities on the beneficiaries as well as the sustainability of results. With regard to methodology, we used both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection. Questionnaires in English and French included; (i) a structured questionnaire sent online to all beneficiary students (ii) a key informant interview guide targeting employers of the former students, internship supervisors and faculty (iii) a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) guide targeting students found on campus (iv) a SWOT analysis template and (v) document review matrices. In addition to the survey monkey link, we gave out a WhatsApp line to all the respondents via email just in case some wanted clarification on some of the questions. For the qualitative part, we sent two staff [one bilingual] to Ghana and Burkina Faso to interact with some employers, program administrators and students found on Campus. We submitted a 53 page report that was greatly appreciated by our supervisor at AGRA.