Gerald Banaga-Baingi

Dr. Gerald Banaga-Baingi has over 22 years of experience in the energy, petroleum and minerals sector. He has been involved and accomplished a number of complex assignments including, development of policies (the energy policy, renewable energy policy and oil and gas policy), legal and regulatory frameworks (The electricity Act, the Petroleum Acts). He has structured a number of complex projects in the sector attracting both public, private and development funding. In the recent assignments, he has worked on various complex tasks in the renewable energy space aimed at increasing access to clean energy. He led the government team in the refinancing of the outstanding loan of US $478m on the 250MW Bujagali hydro power project aimed at reduction of electricity tariff. The task included working with the developers, the lenders and financial institutions to achieve a lower tariff of US c 8/kwh from US c13/kwh reducing the overall electricity price and providing a partial relief to industrial consumers of US 5cents/kw to support the industrialization and the social, economic transformation of the country.

Gerald has worked on a number of projects aimed at increasing the uptake and penetration of renewable energy and efficient energy use in the rural communities. Key of these have included promotion of mini grids for rural electrification which provides clean energy for rural populations using renewable energy based mini grids operated by the private sector. This approach integrated the key building blocks of planning, financing, licensing and procurement leading to reduction of the project development timeframe and cost and facilitating rural populations’ access to clean energy

He holds a PhD in Economics Doctor of Philosophy in Economics, Makerere University, Uganda, a Master Science in Petroleum, Energy Economics and Finance, from the University of Aberdeen, UK; a Master of Science in Economic Analysis and Policy, University of Warwick, Coventry, UK;  Master of Business Administration( MBA) from Makerere University; a Post-Graduate Diploma in  Environmental Management, Galilee College, Israel; a Postgraduate Diploma in Downstream Petroleum Management, PETRAD, Stavanger, Norway and Bachelor of Statistics from Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda.